Top 10 Best Leaf Blowers 2020 Reviews

In today’s time, technology has taken over our lives completely. Even in the arena of work, it has made its presence of great significance. Technology at work has helped to improvise on the working conditions by reducing stress and saving a lot of time. One such product that helps one to work efficiently is the leaf blowers. These are extremely useful and have an outstanding performance.

best leaf blowers

What are motor leaf blowers? 

Leaf blowers are a device that helps in blowing off all the unwanted materials from the yard to provide the area with a clean, trimmed and manicured look. Leaf blowers are mainly electrical, gas-powered and battery oriented. The motor leaf blowers are those that through the impeller produce air pressure to help in whisking away all the dirt from the farms.

There are two types of a motor in a leaf blower:- electric and gasoline. Motor leaf blowers are considered to be an excellent innovation.


Top 10 Leaf Blowers On The Market


Best Leaf Blowers Reviews For The Money 

#1 DEWALT DCBL720P1 20V 5.O Ah Lithium-Ion XR Brushless Blower 

DEWALT DCBL720P1 20V MAX 5.0 Ah Lithium Ion XR Brushless Blower

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The DeWalt DCBL720P1 20V 5.0 Ah Lithium-Ion XR Brushless Blower tops all the criteria and fits in as one of the most splendid models of leaf blowers available in today’s time. The setup of this DeWalt blower cuts down all complexities, making it simple yet superior for utilization. The design of the model is not only precise and stylish but also ergonomic. The DeWalt 20Volts Brushless Blower comes with an attached axial fan. This innovatively designed fan attached to the blower increases both, the air output and the run time of the machinery.

The capacity or source of power provided by the blower proves to be accurate for residential purposes or for cleaning around small areas. The performance of the product is absolutely sufficient. The air volume of the DeWalt blower is, at its maximum rate, 400 cubic feet per minute (CFM). The rate of air velocity at which the blower works is 90 mph. This outstanding innovation features a variable speed trigger function along with a speed control key that enables the operator to have complete control over the performance of the blower.

One of the extraordinary features of this blower is it has very low noise levels in comparison to other models. The low noise emissions ensure a better output at work with no disturbance being caused. This blower has a Brushless motor which is beneficial in certain aspects. The motor provides a greater efficiency which is witnessed by heavy-duty usage it accounts for. This brushless motor ensures longer durability by increasing motor life and ensuring a longer runtime.

The blower can be easily controlled by the operator due to the basic yet great properties it carries off. The intensity of this sound level for this model of the DeWalt blower is 61decibles. The battery placement of the blower is placed below the handle for a well-balanced operation. The built-in cruise control that this blower comes with, provides for a longer running period of the machinery. This handheld brushless leaf blower is lightweight and therefore reduces the fatigue of the operator.

The machine weighs around seven pounds roughly. The packaging of this product consists of the DeWalt 20Volts Max brushless handheld blower, a 20V MAX 5.0 Ah Lithium-Ion battery, a charger, and an operator manual. The quality and effectiveness of the product are excellent and outstanding. The model has a standard warranty period of 3 years and provides for a free one-year servicing of the product.  


  • The model features a Brushless motor for increased efficiency. 
  • This model has a 20V MAX Lithium-ion battery that provides a power source of high capacity with the air flow being 400CFM. 
  • Low noise emission is the major advantage of this DeWalt blower.



  • The high power source provides for effective functioning by this model. It can whisk away stubborn debris with ease. 
  • The blower produces very low noise. This feature provides not only for the comfort of the operator but of the surrounding areas as well. 
  • The machine is lightweight and reduces fatigue. 


  • The product is expensive. 
  • This model is not appropriate for large-sized yards. 
  • The battery drains away quickly. 


#2 The TORO 51585 Electric Leaf Blower

Toro 51585 Power Sweep Electric Leaf Blower, 7 Amp 2-Speed

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The Toro 51585 Power Steep Electric Leaf Blower is considered to be the most perfect blower for blowing away all the stubborn debris from anywhere, be it a garage or a sidewalk, a driveway, or decks. This American based brand, Toro has been ruling the business industry by innovations of such great equipment for decades now. The company has experience in manufacturing products that are perfect and of utmost use.

Moreover, the brand has already set its reputation in the market place facilitating more people to approach their products. This product of the company, TORO 51585 Power Steep Electric Leaf Blower is high-quality machinery manufactured by the company in around 2006. This model of the Toro leaf blower has a variable range of features making it an ideal choice of utmost importance. The Toro leaf blower functions with the help of a cord and therefore needs a power supply arrangement to be made.

Despite being attached with a cord, it is beneficial for the blower to have a hook attached to it for attaching the cord to it thereby avoiding all risks of accidents and tripping off. In this way, it is like a gas leaf blower. The model is easy to use and can be simply operated by anyone. The models allow easy and quiet operations. Despite having an extremely powerful motor, the model does not minimize the noise produced. Equipped with a 7A powerful motor, the model is so designed that it can deliver two different airspeeds.

The two different airspeeds provided by the blower are 130 mph for cleaning of small areas and 160 mph for blowing off the debris from large yards. For switching from one airspeed to a different one, the model comes with an easy to use handle which facilitates the need to choose the airspeed of one’s own preference. The 2-speed control features allow greater versatility.

The maximum rate of airflow for this blower is about 155 cubic feet per minute (CFM). The Toro 51585 Power Steep Electric Leaf Blower is extremely lightweight allowing easier operations and reducing any fatigue caused to the operator. The blower weighs around 6 pounds. Due to its low weight, the operator subjects to no stress and can produce the work with greater efficiency.

However, the model does not function as a vacuum. This Toro leaf blower model is backed by a standard warranty period of about 2 years. 


  • The model is devoid of any kind of complexities, making it easier for users and convenient for operations.
  • The 2-speed control feature allows for greater durability and versatility. 
  • The model is extremely lightweight and thus cuts down on fatigue.


  • This model is cost-effective.
  • The lightweight construction of the model facilitates better use providing extreme levels of convenience and comfort. 
  • The design of this model is ergonomic and precise. While a cord proves to be a source of intervention in operation for various models, this product’s design outweighs the disadvantage and transforms it into an advantage.


  • The model is not ideal for commercial uses. It can not assist well in the cleanliness of large yards. 



#3 The Craftsman B215 25cc 2-Cycle Gas-powered handheld leaf blower

Craftsman B215 25cc 2-Cycle Handheld Gas-Powered Leaf Blower

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This Craftsman B215 25cc 2-cycle gas leaf blower is one of the best leaf blowers for the physical features and the technical specifications it is equipped with. The blower is accompanied by QuickStart Technology. The blower has a provision for an easy and faster start technology that comes in a three-step guide for a better start. It involves a prime, chokes and pulls feature. The model has a user-friendly management system. The 2- cycle engine oil ensures extended convenience.

The extended nozzle of this blower is provided with an integrated scrapper that has a greater capacity and precisely cleans the yard, removing away all stubborn debris and providing the farm with a manicured and neat look. The translucent fuel tank helps to see through it in order to initiate refueling the tank timely. The model is lightweight, reduces fatigue and provides comfort. This Craftsman blower weighs around 6.5 kgs.

The maximum airspeed of the model at the pipes is around 200mph. The product has a variable speed cruise control feature. The engine boasts a capacity of around 25 ccs for efficient performance. The model is backed by a standard warranty period of about 2 years’ time. 


  • The model features a QuickStart Technology that eases and simplifies the operations and management of the blower.
  • This Craftsman blower has a smooth airflow and airspeed functioning system. 
  • This handheld blower is lightweight making all operations to be carried out with convenience.


  • This model is efficiently designed to reduce fatigue.
  • The product is cost-effective. The features that accompany the model are great and is available at such a reasonable price makes the purchase all the more worthy, effective and convenient 
  • The model weighs very light. 


  • This Craftsman blower model is not appropriate for usage in commercial areas or large-sized farms.
  • This model is considered to have a low capacity in comparison to other models of the product. The low capacity compromises the effectiveness of the blower.



#4 WORX WG520 TURBINE 600 Corded Electric Leaf Blower

WORX WG520 Turbine 600 Corded Electric Leaf Blower

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The WORX WG520 Turbine 600 Corded electric leaf blower is widely known for the powerful performances it delivers which makes it the choice of many individuals throughout. WORX is considered to be one of the best brands that manufactured outstanding blowers. This corded leaf blower is very precisely designed. The cord of the blower is attached to a retainer. This retainer proves to be extremely helpful. This retainer would prevent the cord from tearing down, and moreover, it would prevent accidents and trip off.

The blower comes with a variable speed control function for better functionality and performance of the product. The model is equipped with an air nozzle that consists of a hyper stream function. This function allows the nozzle to do tough jobs with ease. The variable speed control function benefits in early operations by controlling the speed and switching from light to heavy-duty usage. However, the blower lacks any vacuum capability.

The blower also lacks a translucent fuel tank but has various other features like its low weight, powerful performance and extraordinary feature making it preferred and used widely. This Worx handheld leaf blower has a current flow of nearly 12 amperes and functions at 120 Volts. The maximum rate of air velocity that can be produced by the product is nearly 110 mph. This blower delivering speed at this intensity is twice of that delivered by gas blowers in such a range, and it works in an extremely powerful way.

The Worx handheld gas-powered leaf blower produces a maximum air volume of approximately 600 cubic feet per minute (CFM). The jet engine attached to the blower is not only outstanding in its performance but produces minimum noise-making work easier. This Worx blower has a very high capacity that permits it to operate with greater force and efficiency.

The blower also has a built-in dust blower for increasing visibility. The blower is extremely lightweight, weighing somewhat around 6 pounds making it ideal as a handheld blower that cuts down on excess fatigue on the part of the operator. This Chinese based company with its innovation of the Worx blower has secured a high position in the market place.  


  • WORX WG250 Turbine 600 Corded Electric Leaf Blower has a high power source, making it capable of excellent performances in the field.
  • The blower has an ergonomic and precise design. Moreover, the product is lightweight facilitating easy completion of the task.



  • The major advantage of this blower is that it is cost-effective. 
  • The blower is lightweight, works with extreme power and force, is convenient to use and provides comfort during operations. 


  • The blower lacks a vacuum function in it. Moreover, it does not have a transparent fuel tank which makes it difficult to trace when the tank needs to be refueled again. 


#5 The Black & Decker LB700 Corded Leaf Blower

BLACK+DECKER Electric Leaf Blower, 7-Amp (LB700)

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The Black & Decker LB700 Corded Leaf Blower works effectively and covers a whole lot of splendid features making it one of the best and one of the most superior quality equipment in the present times. This Black & Decker Blower is a simple and basic tool devised for efficient work. The features are satisfactory in delivering an effective performance. There are no various keys and codes to change the settings; only the switch button is functional. Thus, this model of the blower can be easily put to use by anyone.

The product is ideal for clearing away all debris easily. It can provide a clean, tidy and maintained look to everything, from garages to decks. The blower is not only reliable but understanding its functioning is not at all complex. The model is completely adapted to simple mechanisms and management. However, the intensity of sound produced while using the blower is somewhat near 85 decibels, making the product too noisy. Moreover, the blower is not equipped with any kind of vacuum functioning mode.

Its only primary function is whisking away the debris and clearing the area, and that it does in a great fashion. This Black & Decker Blower consists of a motor that runs at a rate of 12 amperes of current, displaying a powerful and efficient blowing rate, thereby increasing productivity. The blower comes in with attached, built-in cord retention. This prevents any intervention in work and avoids all kinds of accidents. This blower provides for a comfortable 2 handle grip which provides extra control during clean up.

The blower is made up of metal. The maximum airflow of this blower is at the rate of 180 cubic feet per minute (CFM). The rate of airspeed present at the blower is approximately 180 mph. The blower is extremely lightweight, around 4 pounds, making it easy to handle and operate. The warranty of this blower is backed by a standard warranty period of 2 years.  


  • This Blower is a lightweight, easy to use, portable, versatile and reliable equipment that works with great convenience and provides comfort. 
  • It has a high capacity for clearing up areas with ease. 



  • Easy to use and operate. 
  • The product ensures long term versatility and reliability. 
  • The blower is cost-effective. It displays various functions for a low price. 
  • The power source, the air volume, and the air velocity, all provide better performance.


  • The blower lacks a vacuum function. 
  • The packaging does not come with a complimentary power cord. It has to be purchased separately.
  • Since it is a corded blower, movement becomes restricted thereby affecting functioning.


#6 The GREENWORKS 7 AMP Single Speed Electric Leaf Blower

Greenworks 7 Amp Single Speed Electric Leaf Blower

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The GREENWORKS 7 amp Single Speed Electric Leaf blower is considered to be one of the most genuine products that are available at this range. This model aims to maximize performance and increase productivity in the workplace. The Sunrise Global marketing company, the manufacturer of the GREENWORKS electric leaf blower has designed the product for providing the utmost benefits to the consumers.

These blowers produce zero carbon footprint. In this way, these blowers cut down on air pollution and rather look into the betterment of the environment. These blowers are eco-friendly. The machinery has an easy electrical start technology. The equipment comes with a safety cord look as well. This feature provides the convenience to prevent the plug to come off every now and then.

The blower facilitates reducing the level and intensity of sound by limiting the number of pieces of the equipment that are put to use. This model has a precise design. The maximum amount of air volume at this blower is somewhat near to 160 mph allowing greater efficiency and quick performance. The model has the extension cord included as well. The blower does not have a cruise control feature. The 20 inch, 2 pieces blower tube facilitates for an extended reach.

The battery voltage of this model is 12 volts and it runs at 7 amperes of current. The model features a 1-speed setting and controlling key equipped with it. The maximum rate of air volume that comes with this model of the leaf blower is 150 cubic feet per minute (CFM). The model produces way too few vibrations when compared to other gas blowers.

The product is extremely lightweight, weighing around 4.5 pounds. The low weight and ergonomic design reduces fatigue and facilitates powerful functioning of the model. The model is backed by a warranty period of about 4 years.


  • This model has a great power supply with air volume and velocity at the rate of 150 CFM and 160 mph. 
  • This is a lightweight, easy to use the equipment. 


  • It provides ergonomically correct posture and stability.
  • The backrest stretches up to your head.
  • Smooth base and swivel.


  • This model is extremely reasonable for the features it provides. The product is cost-effective. 
  • Easy to use and operate. 
  • This model provides a longer warranty and thereby ensures high durability and reliability.
  • The blower is eco friendly causing zero carbon footprint. 



#7 The Husqvarna 350BT 2 cycle Gas-powered backpack leaf blower

Husqvarna 965877502 350BT 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower, Orange

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The Husqvarna 350BT leaf blower is a unique backpack blower featuring a number of outstanding specifications which makes it ideal for use. It is very easy to use because of its ergonomic design. The blower boasts an engine displacement of around 50.2 ccs. The maximum airflow of this blower is at a rate of around 692 cubic feet per minute (CFM). The fuel tank has a capacity of around 42.27 fl. Oz.

The model consists of an X-Torque Engine. This engine cuts down harmful emissions. Moreover, the engine helps in increasing the fuel efficiency to a great extent. The model has a high blowing capacity that delivers high-end airflow and speed. The maximum airspeed is at the rate of 180 mph. The blower has a capacity of removing air from the carburetor and fuel system for easy starting and quicker access to the machinery.

This robust backpack blower is designed keeping in mind, the preferences and requirements of commercial uses and for professionals. With such advanced features, this model stands out as one of the most popular and classy ones among all the other models of the product. The model features a variable speed control function and has a throttle for cruise control. These functions enable easy handling, are gathered in a comprehensive manner and are easily accessible.

The ergonomic design proves to be a benefit, especially for those operators who use the blower for longer running time and reduces fatigue. The model features low vibration technology for reducing vibrations. Due to its X torque engine, it proves to be an eco-friendly innovation. A padded harness and wide hip belt are attached to this backpack blower for increased comfort and to fit in with the operator.

The blowing tube is adjustable for better performance. The blower being cordless allows mobile operations to be held frequently and easily. The blower weighs around 22.5 pounds nearly. The standard warranty period for this blower is 2 years.


  • The blower has a high blowing capacity, has an average weight, easy to handle. It is eco friendly. 
  • It is designed precisely, the model is cordless and has great blowing capacity. 


  • The product has a low vibration technology, high capacity and great power supply for better performance.
  • The blower is easy to use, simple to access and requires low maintenance.
  • This model is an eco-friendly one.


  • The model is too expensive.
  • Ideal for large yards only. This model of the blower is appropriate for usage in commercial purposes only.



#8 The Sun Joe SBJ597E- SJB- Electric Leaf Blower

Sun Joe SBJ597E-SJB 6-Amp 155 MPH Electric Leaf Blower

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This Sun Joe SBJ597E- SJB- Electric Leaf Blower proves to be the right choice because of all the functions and specifications it is equipped with. The manufacturer of this blower, Snow Joe+ Snow Joe’s, has always come up with models outlined with an expansive source of power yet handy and compact. The blower is versatile. It has the capacity to carry out tough jobs and remove stubborn debris off driveways, sidewalks, and yards with the utmost ease.

The maximum airspeed at which this blower carries out the cleaning process is at the rate of 155 mph. This Blower is really small in size. It is meant for light-duty usage. The blower due to its small size is portable and compact making it extremely handy. The blower starts instantly with a switch avoiding all complexities for operating the blower. The motor of this blower runs at 6 amperes of current delivering an extremely powerful performance.

This electric cord leaf blower does not have any cord safety lock. It runs on 120Volts as the maximum voltage. The chute can be removed for convenience when not in use, compressing the size of the motor.  The maximum flow of air volume at these blowers is at the rate of 260 CFM. The concentrator nozzle that this blower is provided with help to increase the air velocity during operations.

The blower is extremely lightweight. It weighs around 4 pounds making it easier to handle and use. It is ideal for residential usages and small acres of land. The blower is backed up by a standard warranty period of 2 years’ time. 


  • This leaf blower is lightweight, has a good blowing capacity for light-duty usage. 
  • The blower has a powerful motor with good power supply, great air volume, and velocity available with the blower. 
  • The blower costs extremely less in comparison to the functions it possesses. 


  • The blower is lightweight, it is portable and easy to carry. The low weight of the blower makes it compact and handy. 
  • The blower is convenient and simple to operate, devoid of all complex mechanisms. 
  • This versatile leaf blower is cost-effective. 


  • This leaf blower is not meant for heavy-duty usage. For best results, it can be put to use only on small yards.
  • This blower does not prove to be ideal for small areas of land. 



#9 Hitachi RB24EAP Gas-powered leaf blower

Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Leaf Blower

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The Hitachi’s RB24EAP, 23.9 cc Handheld blower is one of the lightest yet most powerful blowers within this range. The model has a primer for quick and simple start and use. The blower features a low emission pure fire engine for ensuring and providing a better environment and a two-finger large throttle for easier operations. For excellent debris movement, the model possesses a leading air volume at 441 CFM.

The model produces an air velocity of 170 mph when used with the tapered nozzle. The 23.9 cc commercial grade 2 stroke engine is the one that ensures outstanding power and longer life. The model’s fuel tank capacity is that of 17.6 fl. Oz., and weighs around 8.5 kgs. The engine releases low emissions. Fewer fumes provide a better environment and ensure safer operations.

The exceptional balance not only provides comfort and less fatigue but also ideal for a small lawn as well as its high speed makes the model suitable for a larger area as well. The brand provides a warranty period of about 7 years for this model.

However, the model is backed by the mentioned warranty period for use by consumers. The commercial use for the same model acquired a standard warranty period of about 24 months. The packaging of the product comes with the Hitachi handheld leaf blower, the tapered nozzle, and the operator’s guide. 


  • This is one of the most powerful, comfortable to use, and outstanding range of blowers. 
  • This blower is environment friendly and its powerful blowing capacity adds to the features. The capacity of this Blower is enhanced due to the high rate of air volume and velocity that accompanies the blower. 
  • The blower has a long term warranty and the cost is appropriate for the features that this blower consists of. 



  • This blower is cost-effective. It is completely worth the value for the functions and features it provides within itself.
  • The warranty period ensures longer durability and cuts down on additional expenses. 
  • This blower is ideal for all sizes of land areas. It works with great efficiency for residential as well as commercial purposes.
  • The engine of the blower is eco friendly. It ensures betterment of the environment when put to use by cutting down on the emissions that blowers otherwise release.


  • This blower is time-consuming.  It takes a lot of time to work with it despite greater convenience and efficiency.


#10 The Kimo  20V 4.0 AH Lithium-ion battery, cordless leaf blower

K I M O. Cordless Leaf Blower

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The Kimo leaf blowers are lightweight but powerful and outstanding in their performance. The manufacturer of this blower, Kimo, grew from a small workshop. Now, it is a global company well known for the products they manufacture. It has been able to set for itself, a name and fame in the global market in today’s time. The blower has a long-lasting power supply.

It works on 4.0 Ah battery providing extra efficiency and double blowing power when being operated. The blower has a battery power indicator light to keep an account of time for lasting of this blower’s battery. The blower charges up very quickly. One of the major advantages of this blower is the vacuum function that it comes with. It easily switches away from a blower to a vacuum and does both these tasks with great efficiency. The blower can instantly switch and convert from being a blower to a vacuum cleaner in no time.

This feature is extremely helpful for it initiates both the operations, blowing and cleaning quite easily. The blower is cordless which prevents any accidents or tripping off. Moreover, the absence of the cord prevents any intervention during the work. This blower is a portable combination of two devices, both working very smoothly and well. The blower provides so many functions, it has a multipurpose usage base.

The powerful suction that the blower comes with ensures complete cleanliness of any given area. This blower works at a maximum of 20Voltage and the maximum load speed is around 20000 rpm. The charge can continue for a good time span of 1.5 hours. This blower is extremely lightweight, weighing around 3 pounds.

The low weight reduces fatigue and helps ineffective performance. This blower is backed up by a standard warranty period of 2 years’ time. This blower costs nearly Rs 4,900 approximately. The packaging comes with the Kimo Cordless Leaf Blower, 20V 4.0 Ah Max Lithium battery, Blow tube, 2 reusable collection bag, a charger, and a storage bag. 


  • This is an easy to use, portable, cost-effective, comfortable blower ideal for small to mid-size yards. 
  • The blower has a nice blowing capacity and performs well.


  • This is a lightweight, portable, and versatile blower. 
  • The blower has a long-running time and high blowing capacity. 
  • It has a vacuum function as well. 
  • The blower is worth the value for the functions it has. 
  • The blower quickly charges and performs effectively. 


  • The battery exhausts quickly. 
  • The blower is only ideal for small farms. 


Types Of Leaf Blowers On The Market 

A variety of leaf blowers are available for use widely in today’s time. The comfort that this equipment provides to workers is what makes it a great innovation. However, keeping in mind the preferences and requirements of people, various types of leaf blowers have been decided. Some of them have been outlined below that facilitates making the most appropriate decision while purchasing. 

The major task of a leaf blower is to maintain the yard. It has the work of blowing away all debris and tidying up and cleaning the yard by providing it a manicured look. Quite obviously, battery-powered leaf blowers are those that run on battery. Usually, the cordless electric leaf blowers are battery-powered. The battery-powered leaf blowers prove to be beneficial for the environment. These are eco friendly.

They aim at cleaning the environment for better air quality by releasing no harmful exhausting emissions. They refrain to add to the already existing pollution. Moreover, these are ideal for small to medium-sized yards. These operate quite quickly in comparison to other types of blowers.

Since these are cordless, they do not refrain from the movement and have no risks of accidents and tripping off. Such blowers are lightweight, making them portable and easy to handle. These blowers cut down on the excess fatigue while working. These blowers are easy to maintain and convenient to use. 

The Electric Leaf blowers work too efficiently for whisking off the debris. These are usually available in two kinds:- Corded and Cordless. The cordless is battery operated while the corded ones are those that have wires attached to the blower. These blowers run on the electricity provided to the wires for a forceful and effective outcome. Since these are corded blowers, they offer resistance to mobility to a large extent.

This drawback makes these blowers ideal for small areas, mainly residential purposes. Moreover, the cord extends the chance of tripping off and may cause intervention in the work process. Running on electricity, these blowers produce a whole lot of noise making it difficult for operations.

However, they are lightweight, cuts down on fatigue and can be easily handled with one hand. It minimizes the workload and is easy to operate due to the various physical features and specifications it carries with itself. 

Electric Leaf blowers come in cordless types too. These cordless electric leaf blowers are very popular. These blowers are cost-effective. Moreover, they are devoid of any complexities. These blowers resist the mobility of the equipment which affects the productivity of work and operations at large.

Therefore, these models are considered to be ideal for small yards. Since these are cordless and have no wire for running through electricity, they are powered by cells. This makes them produce low noise and refrains from producing harmful emissions causing no air pollution at all. These are considered as one of the most comfortable blowers available. 

The Backpack leaf blowers are extremely powerful in their performance. These blowers can remove any stubborn debris from the yards, giving it a clean and tidy look. These blowers are extremely loud thereby producing disturbance to the operator as well as in the surrounding areas. The high capacity power source makes working with these quite effective.

The work is done with ease and quickly. These blowers are usually provided with wide shoulder straps and padded backrest for extra comfort, however, they weigh heavier than most of the blowers and cause excessive fatigue to the operator. These blowers are ideal for large acres of land, basically useful for commercial purposes. 

The Gas-powered leaf blowers usually come in three types mainly, Handheld, Backpack, and Wheeled. These Blowers have a sufficient power supply that aims at speedy cleaning processes in an easier manner. These blowers operate on the gas contained in the fuel tank. The fuel tank has to be filled in at regular intervals for the effective functioning of the product.

The handheld gas-powered leaf blowers are extremely low weight making all the work easily operational. However, these blowers produce a lot of noise-causing a disturbance in the work. These blowers are mobile, easy to handle, function smoothly. However, these gas-powered models, apart from those that are handheld weigh a lot heavier than most of the other blowers. They are expensive too. These blowers are ideal for commercial purposes only. 

One should consider all these types of blowers, their reviews, the pros, and cons, before finally investing in these. 



Best Leaf Blowers Brands For The Money 

Leaf blowers are extremely useful products and are used widely all throughout. However, there are only a few brands that have proved to be the best with their splendid innovations. These brands that have secured a position in the market and come with the best blowers are as follows:- 

The Echo leaf blowers top the list as being one of the best blowers. These blowers are rated as the most efficient blowers available in the work today. Echo was the first brand to come up with a backpack blower. The echo produces its own engines to better the environment and cut down on air pollution. Their handhelds blowers are lightweight and portable, yet quite powerful.

These produce very low noise making operations quite easy. The echo backpack blowers are backed by long warranty periods to avoid any extra expenses and ensure long term durability. These blowers are designed precisely and have secured a reputation in the market due to the product’s usage capacity. 

The Worx blowers are considered extremely powerful. These blowers have great models enabling outstanding performances. These blowers are ergonomically designed for better use. The Worx blowers model is devoid of all complex mechanisms making it easy to use.

These are comfortable and convenient to use. The Worx blowers are mostly cost-effective and therefore, considered to be one of the most powerful brands of blowers. 

The GreenWorks leaf blowers are recommended completely because of the physical features it possesses. Their blowers are lightweight and portable, and yet, these blowers have one of the most powerful motors. The blowing capacity of these blowers is great too.

These blowers can be simply operated by anyone due to the ease of management it allows. These blowers are commonly used due to the convenience it allows in combination with effective performance. 

The Husqvarna leaf blowers produce powerful tools and equipment. The Husqvarna is considered one of the biggest brands in the world due to the extraordinary innovations they have come up with. These have an engine that cuts down on being major pollutants of air.

These are environment friendly. These blowers are lightweight, ensuring great performance and steady airflow. The brand comes with blowers for commercial as well as residential purposes and both are great in their functionality. 

The Black and Decker was previously a small shop for machinery. It was only after a few years that they acquired for themselves a reputable setup in the market and became one of the leading brands in the world. The company sells cordless, corded as well as battery-powered leaf blowers.

Their cordless blowers, running on batteries, produce very little noise. These work efficiently and run smoothly. The battery-powered blowers of this brand initiate interchangeable batteries, and the blowers are quite useful and comfortable.

Their corded blowers are powerful yet lightweight delivering great work and speeding up the entire process. This brand is famous and widely used due to the comfort and convenience that their products are accompanied with. 

These are some of the best brands of blowers that have secured for themselves a great position. These brands have acquired a great reputation in the market by maintaining a fair standard of their products. 


Things To Consider Before Buying Best Leaf Blowers

In order to buy a leaf blower, one needs to consider a lot of factors and then make the correct choice. We help you to make an appropriate purchase by outlining the aspects to be considered for purchasing this product:- 

  • Power Source:- The airflow and the airspeed determine the power source of the product. This aspect should be carefully considered before making a choice because power is the only thing that determines the operational setup of the product and thereby, should be analyzed.
  • Voltage:- Voltage of an echo leaf blower determines the capacity level of using the battery. This factor is equally important for consideration before purchase for the running time is directly proportional to the amount of work done in a given time. It must be considered. 
  • Capacity:- The capacity of a leaf blower must be considered for it determines the output and the blowing speed which results in a powerful and impressive performance. The greater the capacity, the longer the run time, more efficiency in work. The blower must have high and close CFM and MPH for greater efficiency at work and to reduce the workload.
  • Yard Size:- The yard size must be taken into account before making the purchase. Leaf blowers are either handheld or backpack blowers, the former useful for small areas whereas the latter meant for large yards. The yard size is the most important factor that accounts for the kind of purchase that should come along in accordance with the given area. 
  • Model:- Leaf blowers come in a number of models and designs, each having its own pros and cons. Different brands have different designs for specific models. These have a different range of functioning too. One should consider a range of models, the reviews, the physical features, the technical specifications, etc before making the final decision. 
  • Features:- The features of a gas leaf blower must be considered before the payment. These features account for a number of factors, such as weight, noise, airflow, airspeed, fuel tank capacity, engine displacement, blowing capacity, power supply, and other functions. After a careful analysis of the features, one should see if it’s cost-effective or not and if worthy of purchase. 
  • Purpose of Use:- The buyer must consider how the product will be accessed by him or her for the correct choice to be made. For commercial purposes, a blower that has high capacity and great power source should be ideal. On the other hand, for residential usages, a blower that is portable, simple to operate and lightweight must be put to use. 
  • Noise:- One of the most important things to be considered before buying the product is the efficiency it provides that further helps one to work well. For working well and increasing productivity, the product should not be noisy since it would then cause intervention from the surroundings and the worker would be disturbed during the task thereby resulting in imperfection at cleanliness. 
  • Weight:- All the leaf blowers weigh differently. A blower that’s small in size is suitable for a smaller lawn and therefore weighs less while that meant for large areas and huge in size and heavier in weight. The weight must be determined before making the purchase in accordance with the size of the area where the product is to be used. 
  • Reliability:- One should ensure that the brand is reliable and so are the products. Moreover, the warranty period should be long term to cut down on extra expenses and add and ensure a longer durability period. 


Buying Guides for Gas Leaf Blowers

In order to make a correct decision in choosing a leaf blower, some guidelines must be kept in mind. Some of these buying guides are as follows:- 

  • SPEED:- The speed of a leaf blower is one of the most important guidelines. The speed gives the buyer an idea regarding the time that he or she would have to spend doing the task. Speed is proportional to time. One should consider the speed of a leaf blower to determine the time and the power at which it would carry out the task for effective performance. 
  • CONVENIENCE:- The leaf blowers are cordless as well as corded. These are huge or small in size. They may weigh light or heavy. There are various specifications that add to the convenience of the buyer. However, other than the above mentioned, various other functions and features determine the level of comfort and convenience and these functions and features must be considered before purchasing for better performance at the workplace.
  • MEASUREMENTS:- Gas Leaf blowers are usually heavier in comparison to the electric leaf blowers. One should carefully analyze the weight that the operator could adjust before purchasing the product. The weight should be such that it suits the user without causing fatigue. The dimensions too should be considered. These prevent the user from being subjected to excessive strain during operating the machinery.
  • TYPE:- One should decide to keep in mind all the requirements whether to go for a backpack or a handheld blower for both have distinct features and different specifications. This can be decided only by determining the purpose of Use and the yard size where the blower has to be operated. For instance, commercial purposes or a large size yard would do well with a backpack blower while a small residential land would be well operated by a handheld blower.
  • DECIBELS:- One should consider a blower that’s not very noisy. Too much noise interferes with productivity at work and various people are sensitive to high levels of noise. Moreover, too much noise affects overall performance. A machine that’s too noisy cannot be operated at all times. This affects the time management on the operator’s part. Therefore, noise levels must guide us into buying the respective product. 
  • AIRSPEED:- One should consider the maximum rate of speed that comes with a blower. This rate determines the rate of speed at which the blower would whisk away the unwanted particles off the ground. The amount of air volume and velocity are required to understand the blowing capacity and for effective work performance. 
  • REVIEWS:- Before buying any model of the leaf blower, one should consider a lot of reviews before coming to a final decision for making a perfect choice. The buyer must read through reviews, check out ratings, consider facts from other buyers to unfold the best in a product. 
  • BUDGET:-Everyone has a fixed budget. Before buying a product, one should consider the kind of features and specifications that come along in a fixed budget. The features should determine if the product is worthy of the estimated value or not. The features, design, reviews, all aspects should tally with the price of the product for a systematic purchase to be initiated.


Safety Features To Look Before Buying Best Leaf Blower

One should consider the key safety concerns that are featured in a product before buying a leaf blower. Some of these are as follows:- 

Read Well:-

The operator’s manual should be read carefully and only after understanding completely, one must operate it. The manual guide assists in understand the management system and avoids risks. It must be given importance and instructions must be followed.


Products or certain parts of products that might cause harm are often marked with a warning sign. These signs and symbols must be looked for. Warnings should be considered to ensure avoiding accidents.

Proper use:-

One should make sure to use the blower only after being completely aware of how it operates. Moreover, one should not wear any loose clothing or have any wire or cord before it when in use. A mask should be worn while performing the task to avoid being subjected to pollution. 

Standards and Regulations:-

Keeping in mind the concern for the masses, the government and various safety units have decided regulatory and advisory standards for certain products, leaf blowers being one of these. While purchasing the product, one should ensure if there’s a quick shut off switch to avoid accidents, whether they have double insulation provided and most importantly, if there are stickers or warnings issued by the government, manufacturer or other important bodies. 

Be Alert and Careful:-

One should be careful and alert while operating and cleaning the product. The blower should be switched off when attachments are being changed to avoid any accidents. Instructions should be read carefully and precautionary measures should be undertaken to maintain one’s own safety. 


Advantages & Disadvantages Of Leaf Blowers

Every coin has two sides. Similarly, everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. This holds true of leaf blowers also which have their own set of pros and cons and must be considered. The same for leaf blowers are outlined below. 


  • Leaf blowers cut down on the excess time which would otherwise be consumed if the task of maintaining and cleaning yards would be done manually. These help in saving time.
  • Leaf blowers are easy to handle. These are simple to operate and are lightweight. The low weight extends portability.
  • Leaf blowers have a great power source ensuring all work being done quickly and effectively. 


  • Leaf blowers are usually expensive. 
  • Most of the leaf blowers are extremely noisy. This causes disturbance to the surrounding areas as well as operators.
  • Some leaf blowers by releasing harmful exhaust emissions are a major source of pollution.



Various customers have asked a range of questions to clarify their doubts regarding leaf blowers. Some of these are:- 

Can leaf blowers blow away sand as well?
Yes, leaf blowers can blow away sand too along with other unwanted particles off the yard.
Do all blowers have a cord attached to it?
It depends on various brands. Many are attached which many have a power cord which is included in the accessories. Many a time, brands do not have power cords included and have to be bought separately.
What are CFM and MPH?
CFM is cubic feet per minute and MPH is miles per hour. Both determine power source and must be high and close to each other.
Do leaf blowers packaging box contains accessories like hearing protection too?
No. The packaging of leaf blowers differs from brands to brands. However, none of these brands provide accessories like hearing protection. Other accessories like charger and Batteries are included though.
Do all leaf blowers come with a vacuum function?
No, not all leaf blowers are equipped with a vacuum function. Reading through the article would help you to outline the ones that do have a vacuum function as well as the ones that are not attached to the same.


A leaf blower is a big-time investment. This big purchase should take some time to carefully analyze the features that fit into the budget. The buying guides must be considered for a perfect choice of blowers. The final decision should be taken with utmost care for this useful and significant product.